About Us

Xiamen Creator Technology is a professional manufacturing company that takes pride in providing solutions to our clients' various production requirements, from quick machined prototype, small quantity production to big volume continuous production schedules. Working with our own facilities and partners, we provide cost-effective and timely services. We produce components with superior quality standards.
Creator has been providing the custom mold, injection molding and machined prototype service since 2007. We work closely with our R&D engineers to introduce forward thinking options that utilize the latest materials and production methods. Over the past 12 years, our team has worked with many electronics equipment manufacturing clients by assisting them with their complex problems and providing clever solutions. Furthermore, we have seen them develop successful products that are used in a broad spectrum of market sectors all around the world. Some examples are applications for the radio and communications, medical, banking and EFTPOS, sporting and ticketing sectors.
With 8000 Square meter workshop, 40 engineers and 300 staffs, and also our partners supporting, we can provide a very wide range service:
Our main service
  • Machined prototyping with wide range of raw material from aluminum, plastic, stainless steel to silicone rubber.
  • Injection mold design and making, including DFM evaluation, mold flowing analysis
  • Injection molding service for small batch to big volume production making
  • Aluminum die casting tooling and production
  • OEM full products design and making
  • Silicone components making
  • Metal components providing
  • Electronic solution such as the thermal material and shaking absorbing materials, Electronic Connectors