Rapid prototype

Prototyping is a great way to reduce the costs and reduce the risk of the product development process. However there are some limitations depending on the process chosen due to the difference in processing and materials. Another issue is that more often than not a product may go through many versions of prototypes only to find that further changes have to be done to the design before it can be manufactured or the part have not been designed to achieve the required 2nd operation. With our many years of manufacturing experience we can offer advice to help you avoid this happening to you.

Description of Rapid prototyping process:
CNC machining---This is a subtractive process i.e. material is removed from a block of material to leave the desired 3D shape. Soft material can not be made by this process.
Excellent surface finishes achievable,polishing,painting can be arranged to acheive gloss finish.

Silicone Tooling---The first step in the process is to create a detailed master in order to make the silicone tool. A wide range of material simulants may be used to mould up to 20 parts using the vacuum casting process

3D Printing---Currently it is only for small parts, and material only for ABS parts.

PCB, Cables----We also providing prototypes for PCB, cables, most of the them made by hand, soldering.