Tooling & Fixture

Xiamen Creator Technology has been designing and making injection tools (moulds) for more than 7 years , Our project range from automotive, LCD TV housings, tablet computers, vacuum cleaners , mobile phones and electronic consumer products. We have also had a lot of experience with die casting, compression, blow moulding, extrusion and vacuum forming tooling projects through our partner companies.
We provide detailed sketches of the tool design and point out any issues with the part design. Rather than just make the tool according to the part design provided we also offer advice on alternatives designs to reduce your tooling costs, improve the tool life  and/or improve the part quality.
We make the following 3 types of tools:
1) Prototype tools – Typically made from 45# or P-20 steel and are suitable for low production quantities from 10 to up to 10,000 shots (or more depending on the plastic material and your requirements). Please ask for more details.
2) Non-export tools – For high volume production although the tool design is according to our own standard and is designed to run in our facilities. The tool belongs to the customer.
3) Export tools – For high volume production and the tool is designed as per the customers specification.

To make sure the precision injection tooling meet high quality as expected, we control the quality from design to machinery. most of the engineers are many years experience of tooling design. Design review is needed before sent to machinery. Also by using the best machine to acheive the accturate size.